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Q: My advertisement disappeared shorty after I submitted it. Do you have overruns ?

A: Yes, when your ad isn't respecting children's eyes.


I tried to place a publication for some time. It just wasn't work although I placed some advertisements on your site yesterday and today already.


The ad-system is filter equipped. Some Words are blocked without an error message showing up.

Likewise the transmission of program code is being examined. An email address in the text field as well as a space behind the email address in the address array will be interpreted as illegal program code.

The transmission of the publication will be aborted if one of the above mentioned points or others apply.

Q: I do not understand why my text is multilated after submitting.


You are publishing with Internet Explorer, this browser does many things many people don't understand. Press 'Enter' about one word length before the end of the window, or use a browser which supports international standards.

Q: From where do I get a username and a password ?

You pick yourself the username and password. For the fact that these usernames and passwords are sent through the internet, do not use confidential data in these fields.

It tells me every time I have some illegal signs there and does not put it on your web!!!


Please note: Underlined email addresses (e.g. xx_xx@xxx) cannot be served because of system rationale and must be submitted with the contact form.

Q: In my advertisement, there are some words not visible, why is that ?


If you set text between < > arrowhead brackets, it will not appear. Indications between arrowhead brackets are not indicated by the webbrowser.

Q: Are there any hidden costs by using this service ?

A: No, the above systems are a 100% free.

Q: Are my userdatas or publications passed on or sold ?

A: We do not collect or distribute personal information from the
visitors to our site. We do not sell or transfer personal information & email addresses to any third party!

Google, Inc. Google Analytics sets a cookie in order to evaluate your use of our site and compile reports on the website activity. Google Analytics provides me this information. Google stores the information collected by the cookie. Google may also transfer this information to third parties. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data held by Google. Unless you choose to opt-out of this cookie, by using this site you consent to its use and any information generated by Google Analytics.

Q: Is there a limitation for ads I can put online in a day ?

A: No, you can publish a unlimited amount of advertisements in a day.
Q: What's the maximum size for a picture, I upload ?

A: Per advertisement you can transfer a JPG or GIF picture, which is up to 100KB

Q: How long does my ad stay online ?

Your ad doesn't expire, please remove it by yourself.


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