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Location: Bello Horizonte VI Etapa 217 Rotonda de la Virgen 2 Cuadras al Sur 2 1/2 Abajo Managua.
Mailing address: Apartado 3701, Correo Central Managua.

Phs. (505) 22 49 89 63  and  (505) 2251.50.35    Email:oscar3701@yahoo.com
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Ramos, Isabel; Ramos, Miguel; Nicaragua -
'We save ourselves the right of admission'

Tranquil leafy barrio in the eastern part of the city, and a short hop from the airport, this peaceful spot makes an excellent choice. Rooms are confortable, with fan and bathroom, and the owner is very solicitous. You have also got the lively nightlife of Bello Horizonte just down the road. Is is two blocks south and 2 1/2 blocks west of Rotonda La Virgen Managua.

A family-owned and run guest house in a refined and elegant suburb of Managua, Nicaragua. Nestled within a picturesque, tree-lined setting just 10 minutes away from the international airport and bus terminals you are within something of an ideal locale. Coupling both stunning scenery and a vibrant nightlife, you will never be at a loss for things to see and do. The guesthouse is kitsch and cosy with tiled flooring, wicker furniture and a sunny colour palate. Rooms are spacious, comfortable and airy. Wireless Internet access is available additional cost. We were recently recommended by travel guide Lonely Planet Guide Book CENTRAL AMERICA ON THE SHOESTRING 2007.
        - One bed room, private bathroom, Cable TV, fan, US$ 19.00

        - Two beds room, private bathroom, Cable TV, fan, US$ 25.00, A/C US$ 35.00

        - Three beds room, private bathroom, Cable TV, fan US$ 45.00

        - To make a reservation visit http://www.nicaraguaguesthouse.com/

Wireless Internet with previous laptop additional USD 2 per night.



Oscar Fonseca


Nica Bus, Tica Bus, King Quality, Taxis can be flagged down in the street fare US$ 4 to 5 USD one or two guest to arrival at guest house.


If you are coming from International Airport we suggest to take taxi from International Airport at USD 15.00 one or two guests, they know the place. If you will try to cross the street looking for cheap taxis, the most probaly might tell you we are closed or full, ect. and final destination they want to take you a big hotel to get a big comission, if this happens try another taxi !!!

If it is the first time you are visiting Nicaragua, and are going to take a Taxi Cab, first don't get into the first Taxi Cab, first ask the rate to your destination. behind that cab would be another one that will take you for a cheaper fare.

If you are coming through the airport take the Taxi Cab that is moving not the one that is parked. They are as expensive as those that are in the parking lot of the airport.

The hostel reserves the right to evict guests acting in a disrespectful manner, acting illegally or breaching hotel codes of conduct:


A) Please keep the volume of your TV low, so you will not disturb the other guests.

B) This establishment strictly prohibits guests from occupying a room for purposes other than for legitimate overnight stays. If a guest is found to be using a room for illicit or illegal purposes, the guest will be immediately removed from the premises, without refund.

C) When guests are long-term (more than 2 nights) we will change bedding and linens only every second day (to keep our prices as reasonable as they are!)

D) You receive the quality and services that you pay for.

E) CHECK OUT is 10:00 am....( this includes those guests arriving late - flights after 2300)

F) We reserve the right to evict (without refund of payment) those persons who behave in a manner that is disrespectful to us, to our establishment, or to other guests.

G) We have fenced, secure parking available if you arrive before 10pm. After this time, your vehicle will be on the street, which is also reasonably secure.

H) In order to respect the comfort of all guests, we turn out the lights at 11pm.

I) We are happy to announce that we have been recommended by the prestigious travellers' guide LONELY PLANET .. in the latest edition 2006 "CENTRAL AMERICA ON A SHOESTRING" (Map 458 Page 464)

J) CURFEW 23.00

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