Welcome to the Nicaragua Guesthouse

Location: Bello Horizonte VI Etapa 217 Rotonda de la Virgen 2 Cuadras al Sur 2 1/2 Abajo Managua.
Mailing address: Apartado 3701, Correo Central Managua.

Phs. (505) 22 49 89 63  and  (505) 2251.50.35    Email:oscar3701@yahoo.com
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Ramos, Isabel; Ramos, Miguel; Nicaragua -
Please read the travellers guidebook last edition 2006 from lonelyplanet.com "Central America on a shoestring" they do recommend our guest house;

NICARAGUA GUEST HOUSE (map458 page 464) Tel. 2498963 A tranquil leafy barrio in the eastern part of the city, and a short hop from the airport, this peaceful spot makes an excellent choice. Rooms are confortable, with fan and bathroom, and the owner is very solicitous. You have also got the lively nightlife of Bello Horizonte just down the road. Is is two blocks south and 2 1/2 blocks west of Rotonda La Virgen

International Airport or International bus terminal

According to official UN reports regarding personal safety, Nicaragua is the second safest nation in the Americas, after Canada. If you come to Nicaragua and someone tries to mug you, all you have to do is yell. The assailant will then be captured, beaten, tied and handed over to the police by the citizens themselves. This is Nicaragua, SWEETLY VIOLENT !!!!

Don't think about it, just come and visit us.

Visits are not allowed inside the rooms.
It is not allowed that the guest should take women inside the room if this happens at once the demurrage(stay) is cancelled.

We regret that we do not sell liquor and Cigarretes at this Guest House. If you bring those products with you, please enjoy them in moderation. If you room has a TV Set, please try to keep the volume low for the other guests. Management may ask you to turn it down if it is on too loud. When leaving your room, please wear appropiate clothing. Guests who do not observe these guidelines may risk having their reservations cancelled.
You may remove products from the display which have the suggested retail price from the Pepsi Cola company, and you may pay for them later in the day or the next morning. If you return to the guest house after 11 PM, please ring the door bell only one and we will grady let you back in. If you must to leave before 5 AM, please let Management know ahead of time. Please remember to turn in your room key when check out.


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